Dec 23, 2010

weeeee long live the lovely messy bun <3 luv luv luv luv itttttt...
i'll let my hair grow a bit longer just for the fun of this.

Dec 22, 2010

jeans vest...i own smth like this but i find it really difficult to mix&match :|

hahaha i love these ironically fake chanels
i consider fashion icons and inspirations:

mary kate olsen,ashley olsen,sienna miller,nicloe richie,cory kennedy,alexa chung,vanessa hudgens,agyness deyn,jessica stam,pixie lott,hayley williams,the veronicas,lauren conrad,mishca barton,taylor momsen,ashlee simpson...

tv shows:
gossip girl,the hills,pretty little liars,90210...

factory girl,the edge of love,breakfast at tiffany's,alfie,marie antoinette,greta,the notebook...

marilyn monroe,blair waldorf,converse,dr martens,ray ban,chanel,wildfox,lookbook,nylon mag,
when i was a little bit younger i honestly thought that all fashion-make-up-hair thing was just the superficial part of a woman's (or man's) life...growing up i started to like it...not because it is fun but because i realised that the way you look influences your personality and mood and
there might be bigger problems in the world that how your hair looks or the shoe colors and you shouldn't make it you priority in life but it sure helps to look good while saving the planet:)
never believe someone who says that clothing isn't important giving the fact that they don't go out wearing just anything...
you involuntary think about it every don't pretend you don't like it.besides being fun,fashion is also the face and body you wanna be judged by...
i just loooove earmuffs <3 they are so cozy and fluffy and lovely and they keep you warm..
just bought one pair todaaay whoooohooooo

i've always wanted a dream catcher...i don't know why but i find them very mistycal and spiritual....i'll soooo buy one soon <3 any ideas where can i find one?

two years ago i fell in love with red hair...and never came back........until now:(
from dark red to orange,you name it,i had it all!!
never thought i'd love it so much though..
once someone told me that "once you go red,you never come back" to some apply,to some not so my,you got it!
but now,in need of change,i ended up with chocolate hair...
it's damn true,redheads rule!!!just got to go brown to see it from outside and miss it like hell!

these guys sure know how to put on a fashion show...from music to sets to models everything is flawless...Victoria's Secret is probably the most feminine brand out there...and their glittery-pink-bubblin' show lived up to the f-world's expectations.
this winter we wear bright colors on lips...from orange and red to fuchsia we don't discriminate.we add that pop of colour that summer used to give us and that we soooo miss..