Jun 5, 2013

late night thoughts..

Make the most of it!

they all say 2012 was a wild one!
2013 is more of a consequence of the past year.
if i've learned something,it's probably that life doesn't wait and you just have to seize the moment.
i'm not giving advice,i'm just writing some notes to self. haha
so...feel what you need to feel!
dress how you want!
speak your mind!
care less!
care more!
do whatever you feel it's right at that moment!
learn from your mistakes!
never apologize for who you are!
and don't change for anyone!

May 7, 2013

late night thoughts...

 you know when life gets better?
when you find inner peace and you seem to float calmly in all the chaos?
when it's summer and everything comes to life?
like today.and tomorrow.and 3 months from now.
we reset.we free our hearts and our toes.
and we dance until sunrise.
and we fall in love with everything around us.
we laugh.we cry.
it's pure happiness and pure sadness.
it's the sunburns.
and it's real.

Apr 5, 2013

"Life in plastic,is Fantastic"

oh,dear facebook...
oh,dear photoshop...
yes,make-up helps.no,make-up is not a freakin' mask.
yes,photoshop makes it sunny when it rains.no,photoshop is not a reliable weather channel.
oh,those endless 'likes'.
oh,the look on your face when you see that person in reality and well,who the hell is that?
oh,that perfect winged eye.that perfectly contoured lips and that flawless skin.oh,that.oh,that...
to be clear,DO wear make-up,dye your hair,edit your pics but let us recognise you out of facebook.
i'm not trying to be mean.or maybe i am,because i know i'm right...

all in all,there's a thin line between "be" and "look"

ps: i am not referring to anyone in particular,but if you feel offended feel free to consider my sarcasm a friendly advice.

Feb 20, 2013

veggie lasagna 

ingredients:lasagna noodles,chopped tomatoes,mushrooms,
onion,different kinds of cheese,butter,olive oil,condiments

mix the tomatoes with the onion

                                                       add mushrooms and mix


                             start by spreading oil or butter in the bottom of the baking dish then add the first lasagna noodles

                                            next add the tomato mix

                                           over it,add cheese slices


then repeat everything until the dish is full
and spread some olive oil above all


                           put it in the oven for about 40 min.or until it looks                   
                                  something like this:

aaaaaaaaaaand it's done!

Bon Appétit!!!:D

Jan 28, 2013

late night thoughts...

yes,buying stuff makes me happy.
yes,i would spend food money on a t-shirt.
yes,i do care what brand my jeans are.
yes,i buy cheap useless stuff from second hands if the tag has a fancy name on it.
yes,to all the snobbish stuff i love!!
so where does this leave me?
well,i declare my love to the simple,free things in life and the happy,adventurous side of it.
the best thing is,i get to wear nice clothes and take pictures with my smartphone while fuckin' live it!!
ironic?not so much when you think about it...

Jan 24, 2013

                                        Dear mushrooms,i <3 u!

get some fresh mushrooms 

                                                         add onion and garlic

                                                add tomato or pepper sauce

                                                               add cheese

                                             add condiments and oil and put it in the oven
                           after 10 min add tomato juice
leave it in the oven until it turns something like

Bon appétit,darlings!<3

Jan 2, 2013

if the new year's eve dictates your whole year,i'm grateful.
00:00,1.01.2013 got us in the middle of nature around the fire with sparklers and champagne.
great way to start a year,surrounded by nice people and great,loving atmosphere.
we got away from all the clubbing, phones and lots of noise,and went for a chill night.
and that was more than fine.
after the chaotic 2012 we deserve a more breathable 2013.