Apr 28, 2011

this is so cute and true.i totally looove big baggy shirts.lovely!

Apr 13, 2011

i'm kind of getting sick of people being racist or hating gay people.wtf is your problem??!?!
our brain doesn't have different colors and our hearts beat the same.
love ain't just about sex and physical compatibility so stop judging.
and judging a person's skin color is like judging their hair color or clothing style.and then discriminate based on that.
we are all the same,despite what you may think.you are not any better if you have white skin.
black people or gays are not a world's problem.not even close.
like you have the right to be however you feel,everybody does!!
so mind your own damn business!
just got the most beautiful wallet everrrrr <3

and then the world stopped...
or it just took the wrong turn.
i've always thought i was born in the wrong times...i can't really say i am impressed with anything contemporary and i think the world stopped after the 80s.
just imagine about all the revolutionary ideas until then....
and now we just take everythink from back then and change it a bit.
all the actual trends are the ones that are "Back".
we lost track of beauty,culture,religion,love.
we don't think.we use our brain less and less.we let our imagination die and we like to settle for small things.

just a late night thought...

Apr 9, 2011

we all have addictions right?well here are mine

johnny depp
marilyn monroe
my phone
nail polish

addictions just make everything so much better.gotta love&enjoy them!

Apr 8, 2011

she is just too cool
picture of the day.idk why...maybe cause it's AWESOME!

Twisted,i would say.

we live in a world where drugs are fashion.fashion is addiction.addiction is fun.fun is what we do.
everything around us is addictive and manipulative.we are fucked up and we know that.if you think kids today are any different than those before,think again.and for those who judge this kind of life,open your eyes and look again around you,we're not the problem.we are just the ones to blame.weirdly enough,in the world of prejudices,lies and false advertising,people who have fun and just go with it,are the ones who eventually end up making a difference in this world.i'll give you some hints..
woodstock.andy warhol.
actually,you find them out by yourself.

and for those who turned fun into stupidity,well,you just lost it,haven't you?!

agree or disagree?! make-up is not beauty.

i personally haven't decided yet,although i would tend to agree,must admitt that make-up helps us grow self esteem and feel beautiful,so we gotta give it credit for that.on the other hand,some girls rely too much on make-up.i like and use make-up but it wouldn't be the end of the world to go out without any. (except maybe for mascara,which is a must!) anyway,make-up may help but it's not enough to be beautiful.right?
OMG i wish macarons tasted as good and awesome as they look...personally i don't really liked them.they're too weird.or maybe i'm weird for not liking them....anyway they are really cute :)
things i love this spring

red lips
colorful nails
the sun

Apr 7, 2011

this would be the perfect around the world trip.well,gotta say it takes a lot of things to do this but it's sure worth it.seeing all of this places and having amazing experiences in each and every one of them sure leaves with a good taste about life.

Apr 1, 2011

outfits of the day.random beautiful people.

people have lost their sense of beauty...
when it comes to music,art,appearence or any other things,some went blind.
i don't even want to hear that we don't judge people for their appearence.because we totally and always do.you might change opinions after getting to know them but at first what you see is what you get.

i sometimes like to put on headphones and take walks just to notice people.
it might have to do with communism but our country has lost perception of the meaning of the word "beauty"... thank God for beautiful landscapes,though.
we live in such a beautiful country that i'd like to exile 90% of its citizens for ruining it.
i think the main reason we deny tradition and patriotism is that we associate it with communism.we forgot there were better times before (and only before) it.
personally i'd rather be associated with communism that with this horror chaos we live in now.at least at that time people had dreams and high targets.they wanted something better.now we are just a nation of ugly music and stupid people.we lost track of time and we refuse to clean up the mess.we let ourseleves become a country of bad taste and small ideas.
appearences may not be everything but they sure help.

i believe smartness makes you beautiful and i think we should embrace that.

reviewing my post i see i lost the main subject...i guess the world i live in has too many problems to focus just on one....
but the idea is,if you as a person live a beautiful life,the world around you becomes one.if you accept beauty,it will accept you.
if you dare to be diferent,you make a difference.
you just need to go out there and turn ugly into beauty.