Feb 21, 2011

"the world's most famous,most glamorous and most tragic superstar.
in death,Marilyn Monroe became a legend.an icon who's celebrity trancended her on timely end.
she is embedded in the collective memories of anyone who's ever seen her photograph.
she has become a symbol defining womenhood,sexuality and beauty for every new generation." ~Marilyn Monroe.the final days.~

Feb 20, 2011

(fake) fur and chanel for all ages.just awesome.

ohhh lovely emma!

people dead or alive i'd most like to have dinner with
johhny depp
marilyn monroe
sienna miller
mary-kate olsen

despite all the hideous fakes that are made and all the hoooorrible way that is worn in many cases by women who don't even know what LV means for fashion world,Louis Vuitton remains a really cool top brand.

Feb 17, 2011

Feb 16, 2011

a few reasons i keep on watching drama-tv shows

*fashion tips
*dreaming at their houses,clothing,cars etc...
*perfect boyfriends
*happy endings
*all that drama
*they are just addictive and always end up so that you get curious about what's next..
oh well,gotta love dramas...

Feb 15, 2011

i love these pictures...they make me wanna go see places and do stuff and read and dance and be inspired and just live in style...they made think about the fact that being a girl is so damn cool!!!

clutches i'd kill for!!!!!
ohhh anyway...i think i might start wearing clutches...i have to buy some!!

Feb 14, 2011

i have always said that the summer after i get my driving license i'll go on a road trip...i hope this year will be that summer!

Feb 7, 2011

Feb 2, 2011


this is what wikipedia says about taize.since the day i step foot in taize i have been trying to find a suitable description and short story for it.it was summer 2009. now it is 2011 and i still can't explain the feeling of being a part of taize;just for a little while...i will sure go back there.it's useless to try to tell you why that place it is so unbelieveble.it's too spiritual.you just feel it the moment you breathe that french-countryside air....i don't even like to talk about it.not many people know about me having been there....taize is beyond a simple destination.it is a place to find yourself in all the possible ways.it is not just about religion or praying,taize is about the greater power (that can take any forms and names) and the belief in it.and about human as a spiritual being....

if you ever read this and wanna go,come grab my hand and i will sure come with you :)

Feb 1, 2011

their style is the reason i first started to watch 90210...
now i watch it every week just because it's easy and it doesn't require so much attention so it is perfect for tuesday's afternoon.

gillian zinser from 90210.she has a great great great style!