Jan 28, 2013

late night thoughts...

yes,buying stuff makes me happy.
yes,i would spend food money on a t-shirt.
yes,i do care what brand my jeans are.
yes,i buy cheap useless stuff from second hands if the tag has a fancy name on it.
yes,to all the snobbish stuff i love!!
so where does this leave me?
well,i declare my love to the simple,free things in life and the happy,adventurous side of it.
the best thing is,i get to wear nice clothes and take pictures with my smartphone while fuckin' live it!!
ironic?not so much when you think about it...

Jan 24, 2013

                                        Dear mushrooms,i <3 u!

get some fresh mushrooms 

                                                         add onion and garlic

                                                add tomato or pepper sauce

                                                               add cheese

                                             add condiments and oil and put it in the oven
                           after 10 min add tomato juice
leave it in the oven until it turns something like

Bon app├ętit,darlings!<3

Jan 2, 2013

if the new year's eve dictates your whole year,i'm grateful.
00:00,1.01.2013 got us in the middle of nature around the fire with sparklers and champagne.
great way to start a year,surrounded by nice people and great,loving atmosphere.
we got away from all the clubbing, phones and lots of noise,and went for a chill night.
and that was more than fine.
after the chaotic 2012 we deserve a more breathable 2013.