Sep 16, 2011

they say some people's souls remain forever young.they say some are never young.and there are the other ones who grow old as time passes by.
i am about to turn 20 in 12 i growing old?or am i still growing up?
i don't know if i am happy or sad.perhaps i am both.
most people believe that the 20s are the highest point in life...
we love and we hate at the same time.we are happy while we cry our heart out.we make friends and we lose people forever.we discover who we are while losing ourselves.
cheers to times of constant chaos,broken hearts and lost minds!
and cheers to ourselves for letting life take control!

Sep 1, 2011

summer has come and passed...
they say today is the first day of fall.i wonder if we should be sad about it...
summer was short (as usual) .
we laughed,we cried,we fought and we made new friends.we loved and we hurt.but isn't this what we do all year long?i guess the sun shining and less clothing on,makes everything more dramatic.
same thoughts everytime summer reaches its final days...the scary ones of everything coming back to normal and cold weather.
in the days of new beginnings and new fall wardrobe,i make lists and plans,i take pictures and enjoy life.i charge my batteries and prepare myself for the long cold winter...