Dec 30, 2012

i honestly can't believe another year has gone.
when where why?
gotta say it was a full year but maaaan,it flew fast.
i remember clearly the beginning of spring when we couldn't wait for summer,the beginning of summer with all the crazy plans and the nostalgic fall with all the memories.
and now the freakin' cold winter (and sadly enough the last day in 2012) .
i am really starting to believe that time passes us by so fast we don't even realize.
i am willing to make the best out of 2013,and if it's gonna be as full as 2012 i'm starting to write autobiography books :))

Dec 2, 2012

there's no secret for anyone that we are made to want what we can't have.
we want objects we can't afford,we want to see places that are the most far away,we fall in love with people that don't love us back and we crave lives that we don't live.
just the idea of  'unattainable' makes it wonderful.
oh my,weird creatures,us humans...