Apr 23, 2012

today was one of those amazing days when i find inspiration all around me.
inspirational diary ...

perfect song of the day: Jess Mills-Live for what i'd die for
video and song and concept: awesomeness

then there are always people.
i love when people i haven't seen or talked to in a long time give me ideas and inspire me.i soooo love them for that.
everything while looking through my all time fave mag,Nylon,always full of ideas.
i think i have become some kind of inspiration addict.i tend to get lost in blogs and magazines and videos and people.my favorite drugs of all.
it's always nice to feel full of life and ideas and love and thoughts.
maybe losing yourself,wherever you feel you could get lost,it is not such a bad thing.maybe just like that you truly find out who you are.
so listen to music,watch movies,read everything you can,love it.love them.inspire and be inspired.feel free and lost and beautiful and lovely.
be yourself and/or be whoever you want to be.