Jul 31, 2011

my favorite stylish/fashion movies:
random order

factory girl
the september issue
pretty in pink
breakfast at tiffany's
marie antoinette

i am rounded,smooth tip

coolest outfits and pictures i've seen in a while...

Jul 30, 2011

next thing to buy:~pink eye shadow~

terms and conditions for a yummmyyyy dessert <3
i soooo want this...
this is how summer supposed to be like...
instead i have rain,tv shows and junk food.winter activities,really...

Jul 29, 2011

i just can't get enough of messy buns.they are just sooooo cool and so easy to do,i love them....they are stylish and go with anything and at any ocasion.


*skinny jeans+band/logo t-shirt+converse+orange lips
*shorts+top+scarf+big earings+colorful make-up
*maxi dress+mascara&red lips
*huge shirt/t-shirt+denim vest+leggings+dr martens+fuchsia lips

**sunglasses EVERYTIME,accesories and colors!!
you can add scarves in your hair (a bow on your bun/as a headband)

pics/outfits of the day

Jul 28, 2011

random beauty

do you ever get the feeling that in winter time you can only find inspiration for summer and in summer you get bored and sigh at all of those cozy-comfy winter stuff?

i loooooove all of these feather-ish trends

Jul 5, 2011

at 15 i fell in love irrevocably and forever with london...

today i can still remember the feeling that hit me the first time i saw big ben and the taste of the most expensive ice cream i've ever eaten next to tower bridge. i can remember streets,people,buildings.
at 16 i went again.alone for one week.
that week i've decided that one day i'm gonna live there...
from that week until now,some weird passion kept me dreaming about that place everyday.
i keep recalling that weird mix of people and cultures and everything,really...

it fascinated me twice and left me hopelessly in love with it...

Jul 1, 2011

do you know those long talks about rich kids?and how everybody hates them?!bullshit!!

you don't hate them,you're just jealous!
the truth is we all want money even if we don't make it a priority...because money means you can do whatever we want.and ideal life's about doing whatever we want...
it's true that you can be happy and have fun without money but you sure won't mind having some...we all want clothes and shoes,we all want to persue hobbies,we all want to party and we all want to go see places...
people who are really happy without money do not have facebook or even a computer to share their thoughts about hating "rich kids" so give me a break...

it's weird though,being so hypocrite...