Dec 29, 2011

CHANEL just says it all.

late night chat with myself about hair colors.

from red to chocolate to light blonde omfg when will i stop?
they say hair color expresses your personality.hell yeah,it does!
let's review..
redheads are special.well at least the ones that feel makes you sexy and unique.
after 2 years of redhead-ness,god knows what hit me cause i decided to go dark.
so chocolate it was.bad idea.i felt dull and common but whatever my chocolate-ish phase didn't last..
and then spring came and i had the brightest idea of all.let's go blonde...
they say blondes have more fun.i never believed this until well i became one...
you might not believe me but it is soooo's not that the hair changes you,it is how others see you and how you respond to it.ask anyone who's gone blonde and they will confirm you.
so what is my color anyway??
definitely question that i will be a redhead again just...well i finally got to use the 'blonde moment' excuse and i am gonna secretly enjoy it for a little longer :)

Dec 12, 2011

it's that time of year...

that jolly time of love and beauty became...well what did it really become?
this year i made a deal with myself to be a better person for the holidays and after that...
in this fucked up world,find your humanity and,if not for longer,but for the holidays be a better person and love with all your heart.
find that inner joy and embrace it :)
make presents,write Christmas cards,enjoy the lights and enjoy everything Christmas should mean.and take tons of pictures.
what better time for kindness than december?
have a loveeeely-merry-joyful month !

Oct 27, 2011

fall must haves

dr martens
glitter make-up
oversized anything
red lips
faux fur
anything that sparkles

Oct 11, 2011

late night thoughts...

new loving zip code.
love makes you weak and in the same it is the strongest power you'll ever have.limitless and in so many shapes and fucking worth embrace it.all your life.forever and always.
love everything.people and feelings.places and memories.whatever you think is worth or so you can receive love back.cause it's a hell of a good vibe!

Sep 16, 2011

they say some people's souls remain forever young.they say some are never young.and there are the other ones who grow old as time passes by.
i am about to turn 20 in 12 i growing old?or am i still growing up?
i don't know if i am happy or sad.perhaps i am both.
most people believe that the 20s are the highest point in life...
we love and we hate at the same time.we are happy while we cry our heart out.we make friends and we lose people forever.we discover who we are while losing ourselves.
cheers to times of constant chaos,broken hearts and lost minds!
and cheers to ourselves for letting life take control!

Sep 1, 2011

summer has come and passed...
they say today is the first day of fall.i wonder if we should be sad about it...
summer was short (as usual) .
we laughed,we cried,we fought and we made new friends.we loved and we hurt.but isn't this what we do all year long?i guess the sun shining and less clothing on,makes everything more dramatic.
same thoughts everytime summer reaches its final days...the scary ones of everything coming back to normal and cold weather.
in the days of new beginnings and new fall wardrobe,i make lists and plans,i take pictures and enjoy life.i charge my batteries and prepare myself for the long cold winter...

Aug 31, 2011

Aug 26, 2011

i am just done with my summer job (selling lemonade) and i'm off to Tg. Ocna and Mamaia for the weekend :D can't's what i packed..quess is my survival kit for traveling :)

Aug 25, 2011

pictures showing what our town days mean :) pretty cool and colorful actually....
after spending spending 6 days in sunny days selling lemonade for the festivity i finally got the time to take some pictures of what everything's all about.

Aug 10, 2011

i have always loved thrift shops.maybe in need of personal style and unique pieces.
these are from my last thrift shopping session :) kind of cool pieces.

Aug 8, 2011