Mar 30, 2011

i'd soooo love to wake up in there...

Elizabethtown is one of my all time favorite movies.i like how i find myself in kirsten's character so much it's getting weird...

Mar 29, 2011

after spending a lovely spring weekend in cluj,i finally returned to normal in this small boring town.we celebrated friendships,parties,beautiful city,red lipstick and long walks.
and as said,a picture is worth a thousand words so i let my few pictures speak for themselves.

Mar 16, 2011

beautiful n' fashionable couples.

johnny depp and vanessa paradis
blake lively and penn badgley
sienna miller and jude law
nicole richie and joel madden

Mar 14, 2011

me and my friend ioana decided to have a colorful feast after going to a barbeque and couldn't eat anything because we're both we made our own home veggie barbeque :)

Mar 11, 2011

spring baby !
to say it straight,this society is damn fucked!
everything we do is our choice.
legal or ilegal people do drugs,follow their heart wherever it leads them and rebel against the system.
cause' alchool is way more likely to kill you than lsd and nicotine has higher level of addiction than what the fuck right?wrong...
the main reason why acid is ilegal is because it makes people open their mind at such a high level that they can see the truth and how much this society limitates them.lsd sure is bad for you if used in high quantities but so is chocolate...but used wisely it can make you discover yourself,find inner spirituality,break imagination boundaries you never thought possible and makes you find your connection with the greatest power we call God.and by the way,if you think there are other ways to do that,open your eyes and realise we live in fast times where praying and meditation are long left behind...fear makes people refuse unusual help...
if acid was legal and used by more people,our leaders level of control would be million times lower.and they don't want that,do they?they sure don't...that's why they forbid everything that can change your mind against huh?well...

random lovely pictures

Mar 10, 2011

i want to live in Roxy ads.please please,pretty please!!!

i really wouldn't mind living in trailers like these...
my perfume collection

envy me by gucci
touch of pink by lacoste
dior addict
with love by hilary duff
crystal noir by versace
lola by marc jacobs

pixie lott is awesome.