Jan 31, 2011

how much pink is too much pink?
i believe pink is the most controversial color out there.

i can think about few reasons why...
*it reminds us of barbie which in my opinion screams childish and stupid
*too bright shades give us headaches
*it somehow became the color that is worn by those taken as stupid-blonde-wannabe fancy-little bithces [:))))))]
these i can think of right now...

i like pink.i like it as a colour and i like the unusual use of it (gadgets,hair,furniture,shoes)
there are some people who can wear fuchsia from head to toe and still be funky enough not to be compared with barbie dolls..and some who fail even in a fuchsia t-shirt!

conclusion:like any other color,pink can be unbelievebly cool!

cause' skateboarding sure is what i call a COOL sport.
get a board,fall a thousand times a day,get bruised,make friends...
put on some low skinny pants,some branded sneakers and a cool attitude and you're good to go.
add a hoodie and a trashed backpack,enjoy summertime and your badass funky stylish youth.

disco balls.buy me with them!!

Jan 30, 2011

it looks good to look good on a bicycle.

seriously now,what is more classy and faboulos than the classic chanel bag?!?

scarves in your hair are stylish no matter how you wear them.

the are a few things that always make me wanna to to america.
the typical american diner is one of them.i don't know why but i find them sooooooo nice.
they seem to have good food and i like the idea of eating at a bar or at those train like seats...
so if i ever go to america i will sure eat some fries at a diner and come back with reviews :P

edie sedgwick.marilyn monroe.twiggy.audrey hepburn.
4 women who knew how to change the world...

red lips n' cigarettes!

Jan 24, 2011

this sure is one of the most beautiful leather jackets in the world ..

where dreams are made..
it may be one of the best cities in the world and this might be the reason why "I <3 NY" t-shirts are soooo popular...let's face it!we may not love americans or whatever or we wished we wear our own city on the t-shirt but NY sure made some cool fashion statement with these...