Dec 29, 2011

late night chat with myself about hair colors.

from red to chocolate to light blonde omfg when will i stop?
they say hair color expresses your personality.hell yeah,it does!
let's review..
redheads are special.well at least the ones that feel makes you sexy and unique.
after 2 years of redhead-ness,god knows what hit me cause i decided to go dark.
so chocolate it was.bad idea.i felt dull and common but whatever my chocolate-ish phase didn't last..
and then spring came and i had the brightest idea of all.let's go blonde...
they say blondes have more fun.i never believed this until well i became one...
you might not believe me but it is soooo's not that the hair changes you,it is how others see you and how you respond to it.ask anyone who's gone blonde and they will confirm you.
so what is my color anyway??
definitely question that i will be a redhead again just...well i finally got to use the 'blonde moment' excuse and i am gonna secretly enjoy it for a little longer :)

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