Feb 2, 2011


this is what wikipedia says about taize.since the day i step foot in taize i have been trying to find a suitable description and short story for it.it was summer 2009. now it is 2011 and i still can't explain the feeling of being a part of taize;just for a little while...i will sure go back there.it's useless to try to tell you why that place it is so unbelieveble.it's too spiritual.you just feel it the moment you breathe that french-countryside air....i don't even like to talk about it.not many people know about me having been there....taize is beyond a simple destination.it is a place to find yourself in all the possible ways.it is not just about religion or praying,taize is about the greater power (that can take any forms and names) and the belief in it.and about human as a spiritual being....

if you ever read this and wanna go,come grab my hand and i will sure come with you :)

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