Apr 8, 2011

Twisted,i would say.

we live in a world where drugs are fashion.fashion is addiction.addiction is fun.fun is what we do.
everything around us is addictive and manipulative.we are fucked up and we know that.if you think kids today are any different than those before,think again.and for those who judge this kind of life,open your eyes and look again around you,we're not the problem.we are just the ones to blame.weirdly enough,in the world of prejudices,lies and false advertising,people who have fun and just go with it,are the ones who eventually end up making a difference in this world.i'll give you some hints..
woodstock.andy warhol.
actually,you find them out by yourself.

and for those who turned fun into stupidity,well,you just lost it,haven't you?!

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