May 10, 2011

my life is so much complicated right now :))
while others go to school and worry about grades and exams i go to hairtyling coureses,worry about hair colors and check out latest trends.pretty simple right?
well gotta admitt it's not as boring as school but it sure ain't might think it's easy to cut and add some colors but,really,it's about working brain and small hair stuck under your finger skin.
i never really thought i'd like doing this.i found it boring and pointless actually.i thought it's easy,anyone can do it and was after i started school and realised i am not able to hold a brush in my hand,that i started to pay attention to it.
after endless 'i can't's and loooong giving up moments + some breaking down points with 'i will never be able to do this' in it,i now like it.
it's like judging a book by its cover.

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