Jul 5, 2011

at 15 i fell in love irrevocably and forever with london...

today i can still remember the feeling that hit me the first time i saw big ben and the taste of the most expensive ice cream i've ever eaten next to tower bridge. i can remember streets,people,buildings.
at 16 i went again.alone for one week.
that week i've decided that one day i'm gonna live there...
from that week until now,some weird passion kept me dreaming about that place everyday.
i keep recalling that weird mix of people and cultures and everything,really...

it fascinated me twice and left me hopelessly in love with it...


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  2. I feel you! London is an amazing city, I would love to live there but my dream city is definitely New York. I love the photos and your red pants!

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  3. SO, the little B went and saw the world huh?!

  4. yeees :D and now wants to do it again :) <3