Mar 29, 2012

if i am proud of something that i have accomplished in this life,it is the fact that i am a vegetarian.
i will probably never eat meat again.
first of all i am not judging people who eat meat but i am not a fan of theirs either.i mean it is their life and no one should have a say in what you eat,but i will never say that i agree with eating animals.
first question i get every time someone finds out that i am a veggie is 'why?'
well truth is i have more reasons than they do for eating it.
i'm not eating dead bodies.
i am not eating anything that once breathed and felt joy or pain.
i am definitely not eating my dog,therefore i just find it difficult to eat a cow.
animals feel fear and pain when they are about to be sacrificed,energy that i just don't want in my body.
i might write thousands of other reasons but i do not owe anybody any explanation,really...

we eat what we want just we might want to take a look at our food and where it comes from before we consume it...the rest of it,depends on us and our consciousness .

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