Sep 12, 2012

here is a list of  fashion/beauty related things i find ugly or i would just not wear :

* long nails,gel,etc..
despite the fact that are uncomfortable,i find them ugly too...

* army pattern
for boys,ok,i accept.but for girl you have to really know what you're doing otherwise it's a big fail

*eye shadow + bright lipstick
unless you work on a stage (of any kind) ,you are overdoing it!

*jeans tucked in boots
i'm not saying they are not ok,but i am not wearing it.except for ugg boots or wellies. but leather boots just remind me too much of horse riding...

*hair extensions
OMG no!!!! i love short hair and i think if you once decided to cut it,leave it to will grow back...

like pants matchig the jacket or things like is in and trendy but i'm not feeling it at all..

*stiletto shoes

*hoop earrings
ghetto-only zone...

*frameless sunglasses
noooo,the frames gives it all...

*snake skin
it's not really my piece of cake

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