Feb 20, 2013

veggie lasagna 

ingredients:lasagna noodles,chopped tomatoes,mushrooms,
onion,different kinds of cheese,butter,olive oil,condiments

mix the tomatoes with the onion

                                                       add mushrooms and mix


                             start by spreading oil or butter in the bottom of the baking dish then add the first lasagna noodles

                                            next add the tomato mix

                                           over it,add cheese slices


then repeat everything until the dish is full
and spread some olive oil above all


                           put it in the oven for about 40 min.or until it looks                   
                                  something like this:

aaaaaaaaaaand it's done!

Bon Appétit!!!:D

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  1. niam niam niam :D mi se face foame numa cand vad poza ;))